• Golden Testimonials

    Turn your client testimonials into business building GOLD!

  • Golden Testimonials

    Do your testimonials tell the story of the difference you make?


    Do you struggle to describe exactly what you do?


    You've worked SO hard to be awesome at what you do,

    let Golden Testimonials help you shine!!


    Why Golden Testimonials??


    Gathering energetic, expressive testimonials from your delighted clients is the yellow brick road to effortless sales and money in the bank! When they're done well, testimonials build trust and tell the story of the difference you make.


    Testimonials are the most influential, “evergreen” marketing content you can create! Sadly, they are also woefully under-whelming when gathered using many of the traditional means; surveys, evaluations, emails, etc.


    When asked to “just write a few sentences”, that’s usually what people do. It’s an afterthought at best, a forgotten to-do list item at worst, AND it assumes your clients are skilled at self-reflection and self-expression in a written form! That’s a lot of “what ifs” when it comes to something this important. The Golden Testimonial Method eliminates much of the guess work and truly captures your clients' wisdom, insight and experience.


    My story:


    I don’t know about you, but for me testimonials were always the last bit of unfinished business after an event or a contract was over. I’d kick myself because I’d waited too long to capture the magical glow that happens right after my clients had their breakthrough moment!


    Or worse, I did ask in a timely manner, but clients were either too busy to respond, or when they did, it felt flat compared to the power of what I knew had happened!


    After years of struggling with these issues, I had my own "ah-ha" moment and Golden Testimonials was born! Using my years of coaching and facilitation experience, I have designed a potent process for collecting and refining high-impact, deeply meaningful testimonials. Not only will your GTs tell the unique story of your brand, they will use language that speaks directly to your ideal audience!

    Not JUST a testimonial...


    Using the Golden Testimonial Method, we tap into powerful stories that just don’t come through in most testimonials. These stories are so much more than a quote that lives on your “Work with Me” page.


    Golden Testimonials tell the story of change that happens when you work with your clients. That's what potential clients want to hear, they want to know that change is possible for someone like them.


    Because we know our stuff, and we do our homework in advance, the finished Golden Testimonial product you receive will be on brand, on message, clearly articulate your value proposition, and will be aligned with your vision and purpose.


    Golden Testimonials can be used to add more shimmer and shine to:

    • your sales pages

    • your About Me page (without the awkward writing about yourself part....)

    • an email campaign or series of blog posts

    • social media posts and other marketing materials

    ...the possibilities are endless!!

    But that’s not all!!


    Throughout the GT process, our clients gain priceless insight into their brand and their messaging through the eyes of the people who know their business best - their delighted customers! Your clients see your business in a way you can’t. They can show you undiscovered opportunities and pockets of revenue via new offerings, better positioning, and richer content.


    This is SOOOO much more than just a testimonial - this is a business building deep dive. Our clients report new energy, focus, and perspective after completing this process.


    We can’t wait to dive in with you too!!

    This Method produces better results, to build your business faster.


    Having a skilled, intuitive facilitator leading your clients through a focused, reflective conversation is the heart of Golden Testimonials. (It’s also 100% one of my superpowers!)


    Asking your clients to talk to you about why you’re awesome can be SUPER awkward. Even if you’ve evolved to a higher plane of existence, where you don’t feel awkward asking, clients can feel uncomfortable, worrying they might say the wrong thing, or feel pressure to be sure you know how much they love you. This relieves everyone of that stress, and produces deep and meaningful conversation that reveals the true story of your impact in their lives.


    GTs apply the principles of tried and true marketing, messaging, sales, and positioning to tell the story of your brand, its value, and the impact for your clients. Did I mention we’re also a team of storytellers? The narrative lens we bring makes this process not only playful and pain-free for your clients, but taps into a deeper place of knowing that lives beyond their analytical brain.


    BONUS! This conversation does double duty – it adds value for your clients because they get what equates to an extra coaching session to reflect on their experience with you. Their loyalty deepens and they take their learning to a another level. Win-win-win all around!


    Together, we can add this valuable service to the amazing experiences you offer your clients. Release the burden of one more thing you're not getting done, and elevate the quality and depth of the testimonials you receive.

    Remember, this is the kind of investment you pay for once,

    and it pays you over and over!


    Let us, help you, make your testimonials Golden!

  • Custom packages available for large events and conferences.

    Yes, help me tell my story!

  • Our Promise.


    • We know your reputation is the most valuable thing you have as an entrepreneur. Every interaction we have with your clients will reflect the same care and attention they have come to expect from you.


    • We will deliver a final product that will meet, or wildly exceed, your expectations. If for some reason we fail to meet your expectations, we will do what needs to be done to make it up to you.


    • We believe authentic, meaningful relationships are the best part of what we do. You can expect our team to be prompt and professional, courteous and kind, trustworthy and transparent.


    • We value the results as much as we do the process. If something doesn’t feel good along the way, please know we are open to receiving honest, constructive feedback intended to help us grow and improve.


  • Questions?

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    Thank you!!

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